The aim of Balaknath Siddhayoga Foundation to provide better health and education service to the people of weaker sections of the society.

          The Foundation, under the guidance of it. Spirtitual Head, Baba kumar Swami, arrange free media check up and Homeopathic on every sunday medicines. No discrimination is observed with any one. It is a tribal area surounded mostly the adiwasis.

The Foundation is keen to prepare good teachers who prove to be pivotals in the education and social developemnt of adiwasis the students of this proposed M.Ed.

College will be forutante enough to learn Yoga and the Secret of Life from Home Swamiji wer firmly believe that if teacher are well equipped in the four skills of languges learning - listening, Speaking, reading and writing, can prepare very good students.

The sole for establishing college of Education "Samarth B.Ed. College", is of prepare good Teachers who can make major changes in the students in their social get up.

Shanker Tekri, Marutinandan Marg, Pavi Jetpur - 391 160. District Chhota Udaipur, Gujarat, India.
Phone : +91-02664- 242342 - 242742
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