Balaknath Siddhyog Foundation is an N.G.O., established at SHANKAR TEKRI at the outskirt of PAVI JETPUR.  Pavi Jetpur is a TALUKA (TEHSIL) place on the Vadodara Chhotaudepur state High-Way. It is nearly 85 Kms from Vadodara towards Chhotaudepur in the Vadodara district of Gujarat state. Shanker Tekri was a Cementry having an ancient temple of Lord Shiva. Like other cemetries this is also situated on the banks of the Holy river ORSANG.
The divine inspiration of Guru Paramhans Siddha Baba led a holy saint Baba kumar Swami to Shanker Tekri on December 1, 1989. A cemetry is an awakened (JAGRUT) place for the “SAADHAKAS”. The vibrations of the place forced Baba Kumar Swami to make this place his permanent abode. And he did it happily. No facilities of electricity, communication, conveyance were available at Shanker Tekri at that time but Baba Kumar Swami sat there and started his meditation (TAPASYA).
At present it is very well connected with road, the state high-way, has telephone, built up accomodation, and thousands of trees. The excellent PARYAVARAN, and the vibrations affect every visitor and he/she is left spell-bound bye the place. The ceaseless efforts of Baba Kumar Swami has made this place a seat of learning, and health both physical and spiritual.
B.S.F consists of several dignitaries from various fields, like Educationists, Saints, Businessman, Architects, Social workers, of international repute, renowned Doctors and others. B.S.F. carries out its activities under the direct supervision  of Baba Kumar Swami and the suggestions of its learned trustees. B.S.F. has already obtained the Income Tax Exemption Number under 80 G. The trust is registered with the Govt. and its registration No. is E 4262.
B.S.F. is established with a view to provide proper education to the children of rural areas and backward classes.
The primary aim of Baba Kumar Swami through B.S.F. is to take care of the Uncared, often neglected lot of children. He firmly believes that everyone should be happy, free from all ills of the present day Urban life.

B.S.F. is committed to the service of DARIDRA NARAYAN (People who donot have anything i.e. the HAVE NOTS) A School namel SAMARTH ENGLISH MEDIUM SCHOOL is established at Shanker Tekri Some Characteristics of the School which imparts education up to 10th standard are as follows :-

Admission is open to all but Priority is given to the poor and orpha children. No school fee or hostel fees are charged by such students English, Maths, Science, Environment, Computer, Yoga are the compulsory subjects. Besides this Sanskrit, Hindi and Gujarat languages are also thought here.
The curriculum is designed according to the CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) New Delhi.
The Students who live in the hostel perform SARASWATI YAGNA of every Sunday in the morning.
Baba Kumar Swami wishes that the students of this School should no be a handicap in any area. Overall development of the students with teaching is kept in mind 687 students are studying at present in the school.
Highly qualified teachers have been appointed by B.S.F. to teach the students.
School Building has been constructed according to the VASTU SHASHTRA and designed as SARASWATI YANTRA.
B.S.F. has also provided hostel facilities to the poor children from distant places.
Almost All the Indian festivals are celebrated in the school by the children. Guest persons are invited to the School to explain the original value of our festivals. Swamiji does not believe in mere rituals.
The Children are made aware of the rich Indian Cultural and religious heritage through such festivals.
The principle of Unity in Diversity and vice a versa by which our country “India” is known in the world is explained to our student through cultural activities.
The exemplary Zeal of teachers accompanied with Swamiji’s feeling to make his students of broad outlook and patriotic along with the teaching of computer and yoga, it is certain that this School will be a milestone in the field of education in Gujarat as well as in India.

Shanker Tekri, Marutinandan Marg, Pavi Jetpur - 391 160. District Chhota Udaipur, Gujarat, India.
Phone : +91-02664- 242342 - 242742
E-mail :