What is yet to be done
Proper library is to be set up with maximum books, journals and magazines where teachers can enrich themselves.
Proper furniture and fittings is to be fixed in the library for comfortable learning which also proves as an incentive to the students.
Audio – Visual teaching aids are requires for effective learning. Many films/ Programmers about various games, festivals national and international events can be shown to the students.
Mike set with speakers in all the class-rooms is a must which help in issuing instructions to all the students at a time and also for daily prayer.
Glass-black boards is an essential equipment for the teachers and the taught as well.
Writing material like notebooks, compass, pen, pencil, white papers can be given to the needy students.
Almost All the Indian festivals are celebrated in the school by the children. Guest persons a) Our Students are physical tough. We need a separate hall for in-door games like Table – Tennis, Badminton, Chess etc.
b) We are also keen to make our students quite good in other games like Kabaddi, Kho-kho, Athletics, Basket Ball and Cricket. Though our students are physically very strong, due to shortage of fund we are unable to provide facilities for these games.
A separate hall or an Auditorium is an Urgent need of  the School which can also be used as a Recreation Room.
A well furnished dining – hall with proper furniture and vessels is still a dream. At  present we try our level best to provide good food to the hostelites (_________Students) Enough money is needed for providing nutritious meals to the students.
A well – organized  staff-room for Teachers, office is still a dream.
At present  B.S.F has a big bus for students from distant places. Because of lack of conveyance many children in far-off rural areas cannot join the school. We need two more small vehicles for different routes for the easy conveyance.
The above mentioned are some of the areas where the prospective donors can extend their helping hand BSF in making our School a MODEL SCHOOL. 

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