It is a fact that in U.S.A., the cultural background is of very few centuries. People from Europe & United Kingdom migrated o this NEW LAND which was previously known as the country of  RED INDIANS. The Europeans who had occupied this NEW LAND, came from various places in Europe & in the initial stages, there were regular battles between them for a long period. However, due to hard life & mix intellectual capabilities of this cross section  of the societies, there was high standard of intelligence from the very beginning. We find specially in United States that the people staying had to face lot of problems & by solving the same, they have made continuous progress in various aspects of life. Recently, there is technological progress continuously made in the field of science. In the field of education also U.S.A. has made great inroads. Therefore, various types of people from Asia & in particular from India have migrated into United State & due to availability of various types of jobs, people staying in U.S.A. could be well occupied and financial by resourcical.
Various Indian Citizens staying in U.S.A, Canada etc. have progressed very well in United States & Canada because of their hard work  & cultural heritage. Some of them are even directly connected to the State of Gujarat. Even few of them are even have settled in U.S.A. their origin is from Pavi Jetpur, Baroda district. Most of such N.R.I. are doing very well & they always remember their Motherland – INDIA. Their financial situation is very satisfactory & many of them have good feelings towards their Motherlands.
The purpose of  the visit of Pujya Baba Kumar Swamiji to U.S.A. is not for collecting  Donations but he has a very strong desire that such N.R.I people should be inclined to help the great cause of educational development in rural area. Most of N.R.I. people always think of India & whenever it is possible, they extend helping hand their families had launched a programme to invite N.R.I People to participate in the financial progress of  India, substantial amounts were sent to Indian & it is a fact that N.R.I. People always scrutinize the Organization in India to be of sound nature & it is beneficial to the local surroundings in India.
It is also a fact the due to modern developments of Industrialization, the problems of environment have become grave. However, at Shankar Tekri- Pavi Jetpur, the hazards of environmental problem does not exist. BALAKNATH SIDDHYOG FOUNDATION takes this opportunity of extending the heartiest invitation to all our people of INDIA to come to vadodara & visit Shankar Tekri – Pavi Jetpur & feel the pulse of spiritual & cultural progress. We fully hope that when they are visiting our this place, they will find excellent situation at Shankar Tekri & will be very much inclined to help the great cause of rural educational & spiritual development in Indian villages.
The Management of B.S.F. is in the hands of reputed, reliable & devoted people with the experiences & eagerness to help the rural people. Therefore whatever donations are given to B.S.F. will be used in most appropriate way and only for the said purpose.
There are various avenues open for the students after they have completed their education at School level. We have introduced the Computer studies in the very beginning & we have introduced the Computer studies in very beginning & we have complete programme to maintain the progress in the field of various aspects of  Computer discipline.
Sant Sri Kumar Swamiji has made his mission of the life & has decided to make all the projects of B.S.F. complete success as he is round the clock giving busy in guiding the same Specially he has imense attraction towards young students  & he gives his full time in guiding them with specific progress & blessings.
Smt. Arunaben Surenbhai Chokshi Organister, International Convention of Gujarat N.R.I. at Vadodara.
Anilbhai Purohit (Advocate)
Sri Sharad Chandra Maheshwari

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